Our work

Focus in our work

Advanced materials are enablers for sustainable development. New, functional and smart materials can contribute to circular material flows and increase resource efficiency and reduce environmental impact. We work within these areas:

Show society what advanced materials are and how it develops society

  • Newsletter with updates on what´s going on in Sweden and the EU
  • Ongoing communication to society about what advanced materials is and how it can contribute to sustainable societal development (company examples, research, applications, etc.)
  • Develop the web as a “first door in” to knowledge about advanced materials in Sweden
Work to improve the conditions for the utilization of advanced materials in society
  • Policy proposals for the policy for how new materials can be strengthened in Sweden
  • Consultation for bills in the Government and the parliament
  • Collaboration with other sectors about opportunities and risks with new materials
Knowledge exchange between members
  • Working groups with different focuses produce proposals for policy or working methods
  • Matchmaking – we know where the knowledge is and can connect different stakeholders
  • Network meetings with to connect companies, researchers and investors
  • Annual Nordic /international conference on progress in business and research
Run development projects that strengthen the industry of advanced materials
  • When there are common interests from members, the association can be a platform for externally funded projects.
With a growing number of members, the awareness in the society of what advanced materials is will rise and Swedish Association of Advanced Materials becomes the natural partner in issues around the development and use of new, smart materials.

Ongoing projects

Analysis of companies and ongoing research In Sweden

During 2021 SAAMs is doing an study of the advanced materials sector in in Sweden. The analysis consists of a quantitative analysis based on statistics and economic data as well as a qualitative part based on interviews with companies that works with advanced materials.

The aim of the study is to proesent a fact-based report that can be used to describe what advanced materials are and why this is an important area for Sweden.

The purpose of the quantitative analysis is to describe which companies, large and start-ups, that works within the area in different industries, where they are located and how they contribute to societal development (jobs, profitability, etc.). Ongoing research at universities will be described and also authorities and organizations that work with advanced materials.

The purpose of the qualitative interview study is to describe what and how different companies work and what need they have for R&D by giving examples of large companies and start-ups.

There are a lot of initiatives that point out ambitions for advanced materials in Sweden such as the Roadmap for industry and SwedNanoTech’s roadmap for how the sector can be developed. This will be the first analysis since 2007 of how the sector of advanced materials can be described, ie. companies, research groups and organizations/authorities.

The study is mainly financed by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research.


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