About us

The Swedish Association of Advanced Materials is an independent membership organisation that works to promote the development and use of new materials

Our strategy

By creating a forum for advanced materials, connections are created amongst academia, industry, business and politics. With increased collaboration we contribute to the benefit of new knowledge and the opportunity for change through innovation.

The Swedish Association of Advanced Materials aim to:

  • Strengthen the conditions for companies and research in advanced materials to develop in Sweden and thereby also contribute to strengthening Sweden’s position internationally in Advanced materials.
  • Showcase how applications in different sectors can be developed with advanced materials and thereby contribute to sustainable development.

All activities where SAAM is involved are conducted with transparency, responsibility and the ability to handle uncertainty around new materials.

Members and membership

Our members are universities, institutions, large and small companies with the common interest in the R&D and use of advanced materials. The members support and participate in the work.

Contact us for more information about membership.

Board of Directors

Members of the board are:

Jan-Eric Sundgren, chairman of the board

Nils Hannerz, Director R&D, Innovation and Chemical Industries in Sweden (IKEM)

Lars Montelius, CEO International Iberian Nano Laboratory (INL)

Agneta Richter-Dahlfors, professor at KI and head of AIMES

Lars Samuelson, Professor, Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen, China


Thomas Malmer, Malmer Insight AB

Our history

The association was founded in 2010 as “Swednanotech”. At the time, nanotechnology was widely debated and seen as a technology for the future. An initial grant was given from the government to start the organisation. Later membership fees and grants for different projects has financed the work.

To promote increased collaboration between researchers, start-ups and other companies, Swednanotech ran and participated in a wide range of projects (LINK TO PREVIOUS PROJECTS) where the members participated. Swednanotech also annually arranged the conference Nanoforum where the winner for “Årets nanoföretag” (Nano-company of the year) was awarded.

Over the years the scope more and more became to be about all types om new materials such as different types of materials that improve the function of surfaces, connectivity etc. Therefore, in 2020 the association changed the name to Swedish association of advanced materials. The focus is still the same, to increase the knowledge about advanced materials and to strengthen the conditions for companies and research in advanced materials to develop in Sweden.