Swedish Association of Advanced Materials is a forum for interchange of innovation, development and sharing of ideas amongst academia, industry and policy makers in Sweden. We work with issues such as resource efficiency, drug development and reduced environmental impact.

Advanced materials are enablers for sustainable development in society. New, functional and smart materials can contribute to circular material flows and can open up new ways of moving towards increased resource efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

By showing how functional materials create value and by creating meeting places, bridges are built between academia, industry, business and policy makers that strengthen the conditions for creating benefits from new knowledge.

News and events

What we do

SAAMs support, inform and enable our members to share their expertise with the Swedish community engaged in functional materials in various formats such as webinars, meetings, newsletters and networking opportunities.

SAAMs provides a platform to showcase how applications in different sectors can be developed with advanced materials invented by Swedish companies and universities and thereby contribute to sustainable development on a global scale, while also anchoring Sweden’s position internationally in the field of advanced materials.

With a growing number of members, the awareness in the Swedish community of what advanced materials is will rise and Swedish Association of Advanced Materials becomes the natural partner in issues around the development and use of new, smart materials in Sweden and abroad.

What are advanced materials?

Advanced materials are multifunctional and have the capacity of enhancing past breakthroughs through new innovations utilizing technologies such as Nanotechnology for its use in drug development to Graphene for its application in electronics or energy storage. New materials utilize the research community’s understanding of chemical compound structures and other properties, and can be used to improve product performance, capability and efficiency of production processes. Advanced materials can be used to solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges currently facing the global community.